A Photo Essay of Community Concerns

High Density In-Fill

Some neighborhoods in the study area have been designated by the county as high density in-fill subdivisions. The nine houses pictured here were built where three houses once stood. Originally zoned R7 (residential lot of 7,000 sq ft), these lots are less than 5000 sq ft. In unincorporated areas, Clackamas County allows land within mile of public transportation to be rezoned to 5,000 sq ft lots.

Images of high density in-fill

Lack of Code Enforcement

The county does not always enforce their building codes. Here a triple-wide modular home was allowed to be sited in a manner that placed the front steps in an active private road, violating county setback codes. Through the efforts of the Oak Lodge Community Council, the code was eventually enforced and the property owner was required to replace the modular home with a size that met codes.

Images of lack of code enforcement

Visual Clutter Along McLoughlin Boulevard

The county does not enforce sign codes. Merchants along the Boulevard display signs as well as merchandise in the public right of way. The visual clutter is distracting to motorists and makes our community look "run-down and blighted."

Images of visual clutter along McLoughlin Boulevard

Unkempt and Abandoned Properties

  • Fire damaged home neglected for years
  • Abandoned property
  • Residents living in uncertified dwellings
  • Abandoned vehicles
  • Permanent garage sales
  • Unkempt properties with invasive species
Images of unkempt and abandoned properties
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