The New City Conveners
are now Friends of Local Control, Ltd.

Map showing the boundary of the proposed new city.

Members of our community are invited to join Friends of Local Control in our exploration of forming a new city.

Community Calendar

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Friends of Local Control Mission Statement

The purpose of this project is to study the feasibility of forming a city in the area bordered by the City of Milwaukie to the north, the City of Gladstone to the south, the Willamette River to the west, and Oatfield Ridge to the east. Forming a city could provide us with independence from county governance and provide local control over decisions that affect our area.


The results are in from the community poll on governance in the Oak Lodge area

Friends of Local Control

Baldwin van der Bijl Oak Grove
Ron Brockelman Oatfield Ridge
Lynn Fisher River Forest
Ed Gronke Jennings Lodge
Mike Hitchcock Oak Grove
Dick Jones Oak Grove
Joe Krumm Oatfield Ridge
Carol Mastronade Jennings Lodge
Henry Schmidt Oak Grove
Leonard Waldemar Oatfield Ridge
William Wild Oak Grove

Supporters of Community Survey

Punky Scott Owner, The Bomber Restaurant/Wings
of Freedom Museum Complex
Jon Egge MP Plumbing
Brad OlsonOlson Bros. Tire Factory
Eleanore Hunter 
Susan and Eric Shaun 
Tom Foeller 
Jennings Lodge Community Planning Organization
Oak Lodge Community Council

Friends of Local Control is an Oregon non-profit corporation:
Friends of Local Control, Ltd.

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